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Poster: k-otic Date: Apr 29, 2006 9:15pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Well, what goes in this section?

I can see some titles in your list that are NOT in the public Domain like

The Gold Rush and The Circus (but i can be wrong on that)

as far as i know other titles are already in the archive like The Negro Soldier, Operation IVY and Boy! What a Girl!
(but i can be wrong on that one too)

The way this moving thing works is you have to tell, by mail or here in the forum, an Curator to move your upload to the featured film section (or any other section) if you don`t your upload will simply stay in the open source section

But feel free to report titles to an curator that you have downloaded from the open source section and you feel like that they have to be moved to another section
the curators are always more than gratefully for an helping hand to clean up the mass in the open source section

so making a list, like you did, are more than welcome

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Poster: simon c Date: Apr 30, 2006 2:16am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Well, what goes in this section?

My personal view is that all items that are public domain should be moved out of the Open-Source Movies section and into another collection, so they are well delineated.

However, I don't think anyone has done checking on Spuzz's big list, and also, you're right, a lot of them are PD but not feature films, as such.

Sooo.... hm. Anyone have any bright ideas? We could open another collection, perhaps, but there seem to be subcategories, like government films, for one, and then some of the government films are in Prelinger and AV Geeks already, so... it's a bit complicated.

But I would love to get to the stage where the only items in Open-Source Movies are those that were made by the uploader - would make things a lot better organizationally imho. Maybe a 'PD Short Films' or something?

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Poster: Spuzz Date: Apr 30, 2006 2:08pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Well, what goes in this section?

Well, my 2 cents.

I'd like to think that the Prelinger and Skip's AV Geeks are Rick's and Skip's section entirely. Why move stuff into their collection when it's not theirs?

I agree with you totally that there needs to be another section added. As I like to see the OPen Source movies as movies that the user has made, and your (well titled) section, PD Short Films. Anything over say, 30 mins, would go into Feature Films, which seemed to have been made into an open source section recently.

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Poster: claren44 Date: May 2, 2006 10:08am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Well, what goes in this section?

I agree that it would be better with 3 groupings: PD Short Films (under 30 minutes), PD Features (30 minutes or more), & Open Source Movies (for personally-generated video/film).
However, it's going to stay confusing as long as there are artificial catagories existing. Of course, the Prelinger Archive should stay as a seperate link, with all of those films availible through that link. But, they Also need to be availible through, say, a Government films link, a Commercial films under 30 minutes, Commercial films 30 minutes or longer, Advertising films, Home Movies (pre-1980, or some such cutoff, to differenciate them from the next catagory), non-Commercial films (1980-present, for much of the Open Source content). At least have a prominent Directory link that would take you to a listing of Catagory links, along with a Search box (if you don't see what you want immediately) with options for searching by either Tags or Keywords.
Easy enough to whip up, eh? lol
Love & Peace, Clarence